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At Teezed, we offer:

  • statistical analysis
  • Graphical representation of data

Common Statistical Methods

The common statistical methods that we use are listed below.

Graphs and Charts

  1. Bar Chart
  2. Clustered Bar Chart
  3. Scatterplot
  4. Grouped scatterplot
  5. Boxplot
  6. Clustered boxplot
  7. Pie chart
  8. Population pyramid

Data Reduction

  1. Principal Components Analysis


  1. Cronbach's Alpha
  2. Cohen's kappa


  1. Linear Regression
  2. Multiple Regression
  3. Hierarchical Regression
  4. Logistic Regression
  5. Ordinal Regression
  6. Moderation (Dichotomous)


  1. Pearson's Correlation
  2. Spearman's Correlation
  3. Chi-Square for Association
  4. Loglinear Analysis

One Sample

  1. One-Sample T-Test
  2. Chi-square goodness-of-fit

Differences between Groups

  1. Independent-samples T-Test
  2. Paired-samples T-Test
  3. One-way ANOVA
  4. Repeated Measures ANOVA
  5. Two-way repeated measures ANOVA
  6. Three-way repeated measures ANOVA
  7. Three-way mixed ANOVA (BBW)
  8. Three-way mixed ANOVA (BWW)
  9. Two-way ANOVA
  10. Factorial (three-way) ANOVA
  11. Mixed ANOVA
  12. One-way MANOVA
  13. ANCOVA
  14. Mann-Whitney U Test
  15. Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test
  16. Kruskal-Wallis H Test
  17. Friedman Test
  18. McNemar's Test
  19. Sign Test

Survival Analysis



Why work with us:

  • We are equipped with a team of professionals who are trained in the field of statistical analysis by world acclaimed local and foreign institutions
  • We run analysis using State-of-the-Art statistical tools
  • When we run the statistical analysis for you, we take the time to explain all of the statistics that we used for your research so that you can confidently defend your research to your internal and external supervisor(s)
  • We also provide guidance on what research design to used and how to formulate your hypotheses
  • We provide guide on what statistical instrument to use to run your analysis
  • As opposed to quasi-statistical analysts, we strongly advise going to the field rather than generating some bogus data that will otherwise render your entire research useless, invalid and disqualified
  • Our prices are fair
  • We are reliable and trust worthy  

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