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                We are experienced statistical analysts who can perform all the necessary statistical analyses for your research.

Our services fall under four categories, first we help with you with the development of your instrument of data collection. Next, we help you with the statistical considerations for your research proposal, assisting in administering your questionnaire to target respondents or performing the data analysis for your project. We quote each service separately, so depending on where you are in the research process, you may choose to use one service or all of our services.

  • The initial consultation is free of charge. The purpose of the initial consultation is for us to gather some information about your study so that we can provide you with a professional opinion/suggestions.
  • If you are in the beginning phase of your project/proposal that is the best time to have a statistical analyst on board. The advantage is, we can help you align your statement of the problem and purpose of the study with the correct statistical methodology. That way, as you are developing the introduction and literature review chapters, your work will be built upon a solid statistical foundation.
  • If you are working on your methodology section, we will write the statistical considerations for you.
  • This will ensure that your study design, measures (e.g. independent and dependent variables), research questions, hypotheses, data analysis plan and sample size justification all work together coherently.
  • If you are in the test/instrument development phase, we help develop the instrument. Your questionnaire or any other form of data collection instrument you will be using need to be well structured so that it can be testable. We help develop the instrument by making sure it follows global best practice by putting into consideration all the principles of test development. Our charges in this phase are moderate and flexible, depending on the complexity of the instrument.
  • If you are in the Collection of Data phase of your research, we will assist you by going to the field to administer the questionnaire for your research, this is very essential especially, if you are the busy type that may not have time to go to the field, then if you are free, but need a professional assistance, we take you to the field and provide the necessary assistance. Our charges in this category is moderate, the fee is to cover for transportation, logistics and allowance for our research assistants.
  • If you are at the data analysis phase of your research, we will perform all of the analyses for you using the current version of SPSS/E-Views software.ü    We will deliver all of the results (e.g. tables and graphs) to you as Microsoft Word documents, along with a written narrative interpretation that demonstrates how to interpret and report the results.
  • You will have telephone and email access to us all the way up until the day you defend your project. If you or your supervisor(s) have any questions about the statistics, we will be prepared to help you answer them.
  • We will help you write your research questions in the form of statistically testable hypotheses
  • We will write the data analysis plan to specify which statistical methods will be used to analyse your data.
  • At the end of the exercise, we will give a sound tutorial on the results obtained and how to defend it.


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